Please select a Fund from the list below to begin your donation. If the Fund or Nonprofit you wish to donate to is not listed, you can use the Search field at the bottom of the page to look it up. Thank you for supporting our community! Questions? Contact us at 909-792-7225.

Prefer to write a check? Simply make your check payable to Redlands Community Foundation and mail to:

Redlands Community Foundation P.O. Box 8908 Redlands, CA 92375

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Burgess Tree Endowment
Donate Chris Walker Charitable Fund
Donate Chu Family Fund
Donate Derkum Ketcherside Bequest
Donate DerkumPSF
Donate Dibble Institute - CF
Donate Dibble Institute - RA
Donate DTR Fund
Donate Friends of AK Smiley Library
Donate Friends of Hillside Memorial Park
Donate Harry Family Fund
Donate Honorary Tree
Donate Kuntz Ketcherside Fund
Donate Littauer Family Fund
Donate Little Light of Mine Fund
Donate Mary Covington DAF
Donate Montessori in Redlands
Donate Neal & Joyce Waner Family DAF
Donate Paul and Doris Washom Fund
Donate Phoenix Foundation - A Rise from the Ashes
Donate RCF Endowment Fund
Donate Redlands Best (RCF Annual Giving Fund)
Donate Redlands Bowl Performing Arts
Donate Redlands Conservancy
Donate Redlands Country Club Scholarship
Donate Redlands Educational Partnership
Donate Redlands Firefighters Benevolent Fund
Donate Redlands Parks Endowment Fund
Donate Service Club Council
Donate Sgt. T Memorial Fund